Pan artesanal (Ve) £4
Tomato salsa
Black Olive tapenade

Pan com jamón y manchego  £7

Toasted bread with jamón & tomato and manchego & quince paste


Aceitunas (Ve/gf)  £3.5
Marinated gordal olives, lemon

Pimientos del Padrón £4.5

Padron peppers & sea salt

Queso frito (V/gf). £5.5
Deep-fried halloumi with sweet chilli


Patatas bravas (V/gf) £4.5
Deep-fried potatoes, tomato salsa & aioli

Ensalada de tomate (Ve/gf) £5.5

Tomato and red onion salad, extra virgin olive oil & sea salt

Croquetas de Idiazabal (V) £6.5
Idiazabal cheese and spinach croquettes with yogurt sauce

Judias verdes (Ve/gf) £5.5

Sautéed green beans, chilli, garlic & walnuts


Ensalada de queso (Ve/gf) £6
Goat's cheese salad, seasonal leaves, pine nuts, berries & honey dressing

Burrata (V/gf) £8

Burrata with grilled courgette & pistachio pesto

Tortilla (V/gf) £5.5
Classic Spanish omelette & aioli

Brocolis fritos (Ve) £6.5

Broccoli deep-fried tempura, back sesame seeds with sweet chilli


Calamares (gf) £7.5
Deep-fried baby squid with black aioli & lemon

Gambas (gf) £9

Spicy shell-on king prawns with chillies & garlic 


Lubina (gf) £9
Chargrilled seabags fillet with sun-dried tomato & basil tapenade

Bacalao frito £8

Battered cod bites with red mojo

Pinchos de pescado (gf) £11
Grilled cod and salmon skewers, piquillo pepper sauce

Pulpo (gf) £12

Grilled octopus with sweet potato & pine nuts

Caballa​ £9

Braised mackerel fillet, escabeche & crutouns

Boquerones £6 served on toast

Marinated anchovies, olive tapenade & piquillo peppers


Embutidos with Picos Camperos breadsticks
Aromais Serrano, Turuel Lomo & Leon Oak's smoked chorizo picante

Quesos with crackers, grapes & quince paste

Manchego DOP semi-cured, Mahon PDO cured


Croquetas de jamón £7
Ham croquettes, piquilo cream & aioli

Ternera a la plancha (gf) £10

Chargrilled sirloin steak with green mojo

Albondigas £7.5

Roasted pork & beef meatballs in tomato salsa

Pinchos moruno (gf) £9.5

Chargrilled sirloin steak with green mojo

Barriga de cerdo (gf) £9

Crispy pork belly with burnt apple puree

Costillas (gf) £9

Slow-cooked pork ribs, red onion chutney

Pollo frito £8

Deep-fried breaded chicken inner fillets with piri-piri mayo

Chorizo £6

Cured pork sausage with baby onions & Basque cider